My Priorities


Saima knows both the joys and pains of homeownership. Florida is facing an affordable housing and insurance crisis. The funds that Floridians voted to reserve for affordable housing are being misappropriated and shifted away in unnecessary and destructive sweeps. People are losing their home insurance and are unable to afford policies because of predatory and fraudulent roof repair claims. Saima will support efforts to restore the Sadowsky Trust Fund and to punish those who are abusing vulnerable homeowners and taking insurance companies out of business.


Saima has personally been impacted by receiving a quality education. Without having been provided the means to attain a quality education in her native country, she would not have been able to strive for her own success and fight for others through activism. Saima owes her position to her education and she wishes for everyone to receive an even better quality of education, free from unintuitive biases and unfair limitations. Saima will support legislation to increase pay to teachers, funding for technology and vocational programs, and better classroom size standards, so students can move from the K-12 system into a prosperous professional life.


Saima is a daughter with a terminally ill mother. She knows the bureaucratic hassles that families have to endure to receive even basic healthcare. Saima will support reforms to the Florida healthcare system, such as lowering prescription drug prices, increasing funding to Medicare and Medicaid, better incentives for insurance coverage, and better assisted living / nursing home standard of care certification.