My Priorities


Our current education system is being severely short-changed by our current academic legislature and our children are not receiving the education that they deserve. Saima feels that our academic system should be reformed in order to avoid unnecessarily burdening teachers and students and in order to give every student a fair and equal chance in life.


Current legislative trends have shown a growing disinterest in environmentally friendly legislature, which in turn is responsible for causing a negative impact on our naturally beautiful Florida landmarks. Pollution and erosion on beaches are threatening Florida’s stunning and diverse marine life. Saima wants to preserve and protect the environment that we must all share and ensure that it is still safe and pristine for future generations.


Saima wants to protect families from knowing the pain of losing their children. She wants to defend communities that have become battlegrounds. Saima believes that by implementing sensible laws that protect both the Second Amendment as well as the safety of our citizens, we can avoid witnessing anymore unnecessary bloodshed.